Making the World more Beautiful

Innovative Cosmetics Solutions (ICS) started as a joint venture between HLS Industries & SMD Technologies but has since grown into its own entity specializing in the sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of cosmetics, beauty, and personal care & hygiene.
ICS manages the entire supply chain of sourcing, design, manufacturing, importing, warehousing, distribution, pricing, and in-house marketing.
ICS has become a leader in the South African beauty, cosmetics, and personal care & hygiene market, and are fast becoming leaders in the global market.   ICS identified a gap in the South African beauty market to develop local brands.
Since the SMD/HLS collaboration started in 2017,
Innovative Cosmetics Solutions have launched 14 in-house brands and multiple private label brands for major South African retailers.  
ICS is consistently at the forefront of trends in the beauty and cosmetic industry through research, global travel, and trend analysis. With a unique combination of insight and foresight into the beauty landscape, ICS is synonymous with acceleration & scaling in the health, beauty and cosmetic industry.



SMD Technologies is an award winning, global manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution company. Since its inception in 2005 SMD has grown to become a formidable force in global distribution. With offices in 6 countries and over 400 staff SMD prides itself on working with the world’s best manufacturers. The SMD team manages the full supply chain from raw material to assembly with our own quality assurance teams to ensure that our customers are given the very best quality products at the best possible prices. SMD supplies loyal customers in over 40 countries worldwide and this global economies of scale together enable SMD to offer an unparalleled value for money.

In 2019 The Carlyle Group – one of the world’s largest private equity companies, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, purchased 50% of SMD Global, giving SMD a massive boost in international stature. This partnership is expected to see SMD continue on its exponential growth trajectory.

Founded in 2014, HLS Industries got its start in the independent salon and pharmacy market. The company built a network of 1000+ stores within a few years of operations. HLS focused on unique niche products with high margins and a strong focus on design. HLS initially started by importing well-known brands from the USA and building them up in the SA market. The company realized that to build a successful business, have influence and transparency in the market they would have to control as much of the supply chain as possible.  This led to multiple brands in the independent space followed by the development of brands for the mass market. HLS has been at the forefront of trends in the beauty and cosmetic industry through research, global travel, and trend analysis.