Setting New Standards


The cosmetics industry is driven by new innovation and quality. Our inhouse research team is a fundamental pillar of our business. Through thorough research we are able to dream up new innovations, test new product concepts and try new ideas that allow us to be at the forefront of our industry

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ICS has developed long term partnerships with suppliers to ensure that that we receive quality ingredients at best costs. We are fortunate to be based in a country that has a multitude of raw material options. This allows us to be selective in the ingredients we chose to work with. Our team also travels across the globe to find the latest trends in product, packaging and ingredients.   ICS has developed a reputation in the market for successful operations and brand building. This reputation allows us to source new finished products and work with developed brands


One of our key strengths is being able to combine research and our sourcing capabilities to develop a final product that is: - unique in the market. - meets our customer's price. - meets our customer's needs. Speed to market is one of the key fundamentals in today's business world. ICS is able to quickly and efficiently take a product concept and develop it into a fully branded product ready for retail in a timely manner.

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ICS manufactures inhouse, this allows for strict quality control and ensures we meet the timelines of our customer's fast paced business. We are able to prioritise these timelines while ensuring our product quality remains high. Corporate responsibility is also high on our priority list, having our own manufacturing capabilities has allowed us to ensure that our people work in good, comfortable working conditions, and allows us to minimize any product wastage lessening our environmental impact. We are continuously working to refine and improve our manufacturing process to deliver products that we are proud of.


ICS is on the cutting edge of beauty and cosmetic trends. We accomplish this through - Global travel and market research - Digital research through key word analysis - Digital research on social platforms - Trend reports from trend analysis companies

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We go beyond the scope of sourcing, distribution, and manufacturing by working with various stakeholders to develop our brands in the market. Our omnichannel approach in building brands helps to ensure brand growth and recognisability. Our brand-building process starts at inception by understanding our customers. Creating a brand with the end-user in mind. And developing the brand so that it suits customers needs and lifestyle.